Unveiling the Craft Behind LEGO Documentaries

As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), bricks aren’t just plastic anymore. They’re gateways to worlds both familiar and fantastical, tools for boundless creativity, and badges of a passionate community. So, when two documentaries premiered (almost a decade ago), delving deep into the Legoverse, I knew I was in for a treat. And treat I did, in two beautifully crafted, distinct flavors: the expansive “Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary” and the charmingly focused “AFOL A Blocumentary.”

“Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary”

My journey with “Brickumentary” started back in my San Diego days. Imagine watching a film about your beloved bricks with the directors themselves in the audience, laughing as the Minifigure cavorted on screen, and sharing excited whispers with fellow AFOLs. That was the magic of that early screening. The film itself was a masterclass in storytelling, weaving the history of LEGO with the diverse narratives of its devotees. From toddlers discovering the joy of a first LEGO click to architects using bricks to envision cities, “Brickumentary” celebrated the universal appeal of these colorful blocks.

The film’s scope was its strength. We were whisked to Denmark, witnessing Ole Kirk Christiansen’s wooden toys evolve into plastic wonders. We met Nathan Sawaya, the The Brick Artist himself, crafting sculptures that defied brickly limitations. We even saw the emotional connection forged across generations through shared building sessions. Director Kief Davidson, in his San Diego Q&A, captured the essence of that experience: “LEGO teaches you how to create, how to collaborate, and how to fail creatively.” As a brick-loving adult, that resonated deeply.

As I write this in January of 2024, the documentary is still available for free to watch with a Roku player. There are some other choices too if you check on JustWatch.

AFOL A Blocumentary

“AFOL A Blocumentary,” on the other hand, offered a cozy, focused glimpse into the world of Pacific Northwest AFOLs. Directed by fellow AFOL Jess Gibson, the film felt like a friendly gathering at a brick convention. Each face lit up with the quiet joy of creation, showcasing the spectrum of passions that thrive within the AFOL world. From the whimsical to the technical, the film celebrated the unique artistic voices that find expression throughLEGO.

What I loved most about “AFOL A Blocumentary” was its celebration of the journey, not just the destination. It revealed the true core of the community: collaboration. We deep dive into the painstaking brick-sorting, the late-night building sessions fueled by coffee and camaraderie, and the sheer joy of sharing creations with fellow enthusiasts. It was a relatable portrait of the AFOL experience and the makeup of LUGs (LEGO User Groups).

The documentary highlighted the dedication, support, and sense of belonging that comes with building with purpose.

Both documentaries, in their own ways, captured the essence of what makes LEGO so special. “Brickumentary” painted a sweeping panorama of its global impact, reminding us of the toy’s power to connect and inspire. “AFOL A Blocumentary” zoomed in on the passionate core, celebrating the individual journeys and the communal spirit of AFOLs.

These films weren’t just documentaries; they were love letters to LEGO®. They showcased the craftsmanship of the directors, their genuine passion for the subject matter evident in every frame. They made me smile, laugh, and even tear up as I saw my own passion reflected on screen. They reminded me why I spent hours sorting bricks, why I got excited over new sets, and why I treasure the connections I’ve made within the AFOL community.

Witnessing the captivating narratives woven with bricks in “Brickumentary” and “AFOL A Blocumentary” sparked a flame within me – a flame that ignited Brick Legions.

Brick Legions became that canvas, a space where bricks become chapters, and shared passion is the ink that builds imaginary worlds.

So, to the filmmakers of “Brickumentary” and “AFOL A Blocumentary,” thank you. Thank you for stepping through stud-filled screens and showing us the heart and soul of the LEGOverse.

Thank you for reminding us that LEGO is more than just plastic; it’s a language, a community, and a stage for stories waiting to be told. You’ve built something truly special, something that any AFOL, young or old, can connect with and celebrate.

These documentaries weren’t just chronicles of creations; they were testaments to the power of storytelling in the LEGO community.

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