Renate: The Queen of LEGOLAND, with a Heart of Gold

Remember that magical feeling of childhood? The one where plastic bricks transformed into endless possibilities, fueled by imagination and a smile as wide as the ocean? For me, that feeling has a name: Renate.

Back in 2009, on a solo adventure to LEGOLAND California, I stumbled upon a gem far more precious than any souvenir.

Renate, with her sparkling eyes and infectious enthusiasm, wasn’t just a LEGO® Factory Tour guide – she was a conductor of joy, orchestrating a symphony of creativity in every kid (and let’s be honest, adult) around her.

But our encounter wasn’t confined to the usual tour spiel. Renate, sensing a kindred spirit in my wide-eyed wonder, whisked me away on a secret backstage adventure. We weaved through the factory floor, her laughter echoing around the clanking of plastic injection machines, as she revealed the forgotten art of brick-making in its infancy. It was a portal to LEGO’s past, a whispered secret shared between two passionate pilgrims.

That’s me, smiling like a kid again
The public facing Factory Tour
The secret background area Renate shared with me. Shhh! don’t tell anyone, but she gave me some free bricks too 🙂
Renate was shy, but I got a very short glimpse of her on camera

Fast forward more than a decade, and nostalgia led me down memory lane. Browsing old photos, Renate’s name popped up, and I did what any curious brickhead would do – I Googled her. My heart soared! Not only was she still at LEGOLAND, but the internet overflowed with stories of similar magical encounters. Parents gushing about Renate’s ability to connect with their children on a level beyond bricks. Kids recounting tales of secret tours and whispered stories of LEGO lore. Renate, it turned out, had woven her magic into the very fabric of LEGOLAND, brick by brick.

Check below for more links and photos.

So, this blog post is a salute to Renate, the Queen of Bricks and LEGOLAND California, with a heart of pure gold. Thank you for reminding us that the true magic of LEGO isn’t in the plastic, but in the connections it sparks. Thank you for seeing the wonder in wide-eyed kids and rekindling it in weary adults. You are a testament to the enduring power of kindness, creativity, and a good old-fashioned dose of LEGO love.

Let’s spread the word! Share your Renate stories, tag her in your LEGOLAND photos (with hashtag #Renate), and let’s show her the appreciation she so richly deserves. Because to me, in the kingdom of LEGOLAND, Renate truly reigns supreme, her crown forged from imagination and kindness, her scepter a trusty brick, and her subjects, a legion of smiling brickheads forever grateful for the magic she sprinkles on their world.

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Renate. Your kindness proceeds you and your patience is never-ending. You truly are a Model Citizen.


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