Welcome to Brick Legions!

A World Awaits.

Imagine a world where a playground stretches across continents, built with tiny plastic bricks that ignite boundless creativity, inventiveness, fantasy, ideation, and unique experiences. That’s the universe we welcome you to at Brick Legions!

Our story begins with a spark, back in 1932, with a wide-eyed Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen. He dreamt of a name for his new line of wooden toys, something catchy, something grand. He even considered the name “LEGIO” – legions, in Danish – a nod to the endless possibilities in community building his toys would ultimately hold in the future.

While “LEGO®” ultimately won the day, the spirit of “Legio” – that hint of epic adventure and global connection – remained.

Legions of fans.
A worldwide community

That’s precisely the spirit we capture here at Brick Legions! Inspired by the eye-opening documentary “Brickumentary,” we’re not just about showcasing cool builds (though, trust us, there will be plenty of those!). We’re about storytelling.

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood chroniclers of the global LEGO community. We’ll be unearthing the passionate builders, the talented artists, the tech-savvy whizzes, and the architects of imagination who breathe life into these little bricks. We’ll travel the globe, from bustling conventions to cozy living rooms, to bring you the human stories behind the builds.

But our canvas isn’t just bricks and mortar (or plastic, as it were). We’re diving headfirst into the kaleidoscope of creativity that LEGO unlocks. We’ll explore the world through:

  • Art: Prepare to be dazzled by LEGO mosaics, mind-bending sculptures, and stop-motion masterpieces that will redefine your concept of “toy.”
  • Film: Brickfilms, anyone? We’ll spotlight the pioneers and rising stars who are pushing the boundaries of storytelling with tiny plastic actors.
  • Science and Tech: From mind-blowing robotics to ingenious contraptions, we’ll showcase the brains behind the brawn, the coders and engineers who are using LEGO to build the future.
  • Architecture: Forget miniature houses – we’re talking colossal coliseums, gravity-defying towers, and fantastical landscapes that will make your jaw drop.
  • Sports: Buckle up for high-octane thrills as we follow the adrenaline-pumping world of competitive LEGO racing and robotics.

That’s just the tip of the brick! Brick Legions is a wide-open door, an invitation to step into a world where imagination knows no bounds. We’re excited, we’re curious, and we’re downright giddy to share this journey with you.

So, grab your favorite bricks, settle in, and get ready to be amazed. The adventure begins now!

Welcome to Brick Legions!

Let’s build something extraordinary together.

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